Cost Effective

More economical choice for the
desired turf without the expense.

Better Quality

Longer lasting healthier lawn.

Thicker Coverage

Hydroseeding provides a thicker,
more uniform law.

Valley Green Hydroseed, is located in the Comox Valley District, and provides hydro seeding services to all sizes of projects, throughout Vancouver Island. Everything from residential lots and acreages, landscape contractors, construction companies, highway and road builders, land developers, government agencies, golf courses, to reclamation projects.

Valley Green Hydroseed uses only top quality products along with professional, dependable, quality service on every job. Our trained specialists are ready to assist you anytime with your hydroseed needs. Our application processes use the most technologically advanced products available on the market today. We have the expertise and capabilities to handle a number of different applications, for all various site conditions.

Valley Green Hydroseed is a green industry leader in preventative solutions for erosion, sediment, stormwater. Our revegetation, land reclamation, soil and slope stabilization techniques have been designed to meet and exceed site specifications and industry standards.

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