Erosion Control

Cost Effective

More economical choice for the
desired turf without the expense.

Better Quality

Longer lasting healthier lawn.

Thicker Coverage

Hydroseeding provides a thicker,
more uniform law.

Erosion Control

Erosion Control is a method of stabilizing soils in areas where flows of water, and run off are expected for limited periods of time, while aiding establishing germination and mature growth of vegetation on areas, such as banks, extreme slopes, ditching, streams, riverbanks, wetland restoration, riparian, and other environmentally sensitive areas.

Specialty seed mixes are used high in legume components, specific to soil conditions, which have deeper and stronger root systems to help anchor (stablize) the soils on sloped areas. Erosion Control Blankets and or Bonded Fibre Matrix also are widely used in these specified applications. Erosion Control Products are used for slopes up to 0.5:1.


Erosion Control Blankets: (ECBs) 

Erosion Control Blankets (ECB’s) are comprised of organic fibre, such as straw, coir (coconut fibre) or shredded wood fibre, and are available in single, double or biodegradable netting options. The netting and thread sandwich the mulch material together, the blankets are rolled out and pinned to the ground with a variety of soil fasteners. The hydro seed component is then applied to the blankets and adhere, ensuring a secure bond of material which will not wash away.

Erosion Control Blankets have many benefits, including the ability to reduce wide daily temperature swings, moderate soil temperatures (cooler in hot weather and warmer in spring/fall situations), reduce moisture loss attributed to evaporation or wind desiccation, protecting sloping and reduce water velocity. This material offers greater reinforcement and longer lasting perimeter protection to soils during rain runoff, reinforcing the establishment of vegetation.

Depending on various site factors, there are 2 most commonly used types of Erosion Control Blankets:

Temporary Blankets: 

These are bio-degradable and are typically made of a variety of organic matrixes. After the vegetation is established the blanket eventually composts and the vegetation then keeps the soil in place.

Permanent Non-degradable Mats:

These offer long-term protection for critical areas, Re-enforcing the established vegetation during its growth period and after to ensure optimum stabilization.

Bonded Fibre Matrix: (BFM) Erosion Control Products

Bonded Fibre Matrix: (BFM) Erosion Control Products are much like hydro seed mixture, but have much stronger bonding agents and are hydraulically applied much like a hydro seeding application These special cross-linking bonding agents, when dried create a hardened formed matrix over the soil, drastically reducing soil loss and aiding seed in germination. BFM is ideally suited for steep to extreme slopes where installation of erosion control blankets is physically limited to insure installers safety versus blanket installation. BFM is usually applied to slopes greater than 3:1 where soil stabilization is required.

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