What is Drill Seeding?

Cost Effective

More economical choice for the
desired turf without the expense.

Better Quality

Longer lasting healthier lawn.

Thicker Coverage

Hydroseeding provides a thicker,
more uniform law.

What is Drill Seeding?

Drill seeding is one of the best techniques used on larger landscapes or acreages. It is one of the most widely used processing method in seeding of Golf Course Fairways. It does a superior job of ensuring even coverage and successful seed germination and plant growth outweighing all other methods. It economically reduces the seed rate to half the amount of other methods, and also uses no wood/fibre mulch. In the final process, the cost is considerably less.

Application Process:

The seed is applied with a tractor and a specialized seeding attachment called a drill. The drill utilizes a mechanical mechanism to open a furrow, place the seed in the soil at a certain depth, then cover the seed with wheels and a packing mechanism. The depth of the seed can be regulated as well as the rate of application.


This innovation allows precise control over the depth at which seeds are planted, which means that all the seed will germinate at a even rate, and the seeds are able to take optimum advantage of available soil moisture, ensuring the seed is protected from the direct elements (wind, sun, heat, birds etc.) which are damaging during the crucial germination / infancy period. Resulting in optimum germination rate.
This process calls for relatively flat ground and properly processed soils.

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